“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”
Anne Lamott

Dear Health Coach, It’s Your Time to Shine!

Let me be your trusted behind-the-scenes ally so you can stop “running” and focus your time and energy on “shining” instead.

Jill Bucher Profile Image

I’m delighted to meet you

My name is Jill Bucher and I’m the creative thinker, soulful strategist, and systems nurturer at The Holistic OBM.

Coming from a background in math and computer science, I decided in late 2012 to make some radical changes. I moved to Vancouver, BC for a year to heal my soul and realign my every-day actions with my slowly emerging authentic self.

Inspired by that year abroad, I returned to Germany a very different person. Today I’m not only a certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, but also a certified Online Business Manager supporting other Health Coaches through strategy, coaching and implementation.

Ways to work with me

Light Your Way

Strategy Session

Let’s spend 90 minutes together to uncover what is keeping you stuck and create a vision to help you light your way for the next 90-Days.

Ray of Light

Brainstorming Session

Let’s spend 45 minutes together and do some biz brainstorming for your business.

Holistic OS

Systems Alignment

During this 90-day program, we’ll set up your Holistic OS™, the operating system of your biz. It will be highly individualized to you and your business so that the systems and processes that help you run your business are aligned with you and reflect your values and mission.

Get it Done

Tech Intensive

Do you have a long list of tech tasks that need to get done and you’d love some help? Book a Tech Intensive to get my undivided assistance for a full work day to make some progress on your to-do list.

Tech Care

Ongoing Support

Ready to hand off some recurring tasks? You can book a monthly Tech Care package and I can take those off your hands.

Not sure what you need?
Wondering if I’m the right fit for you?

What Clients say about me

Jill has helped me with many different projects, and she’s always quick to respond, and very detail oriented. I know that whatever I give to her will be handled professionally, and she usually helps me find ways to make my products and programs even better than they were before. 

Julia Sarver

Thank you, Jill! Not only are your tech skills superb, being a coach yourself adds to what you provide. You are professional, intuitive and creative. It’s not just tech, you listened to me with a loving heart and really heard me. You helped me find my words, share my story with the world and move from being stuck in the fear of technology to taking action!

Terrie Knoll

Jill is extremely creative and detailed.
It was a pleasure to see my ideas come to fruition. She asks lots of questions to truly understand your needs, vision & ideas.

Holly Flaker

“If you are your authentic self, you have no competition.”
Scott Stratten