Empowering Health Coaches to run and grow a Healthy business


What is The Holistic OBM ?

The Holistic OBM is a combination of my passions for Health and Tech. I’m combining my knowledge from two Health Coaching trainings with my over 2-year experience of work as a Virtual Assistant and now Online Business Manager for other Health Coaches. Though traditionally, Online Business Management is more geared towards seasoned businesses with a steady stream of revenue, I noticed that the Health Coaches I worked with for the past few years could use some of the same love and care those bigger businesses do. So I decided to create my own blend of services to change that and specifically focus on Health Coaches that are still starting out, working on getting clients and building a more consistent income.

But let’s back up a few years so you can better understand how this all came to be. 

Getting Certified as a Health Coach … twice.

Back in 2015, when I graduated from my first certification with the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, I thought that was “the hard part” of getting into business as a Health Coach. It didn’t take me long to realize that that wasn’t the case. Even though the certification is an important step, what followed was even more important: CREATING AN ACTUAL BUSINESSUnfortunately, this part is not really part of the Health Coach curriculum.

I actually signed up for a second Health Coach certification in 2016 (this time with the Health Coach Institute), because I hoped they would fill the gaps with their different approach to Health Coaching. I’m glad I did that second certification and I’m grateful I now had more resources to use for my business.

However, getting clients was still hard to do.


Creating “The Funnel”

For the rest of 2016 I did what many frustrated Health Coaches do: I purchased a ton of Done-For-You (DFY) programs. I followed the concept that most of those content creators suggested and bought something I could use for every stage of my “funnel”: freebies (like a 7 day challenge) to get people on my non-existing list, a small price entry-level program (like a 5-Day Detox or a 30-Day Jumpstart program) to funnel people into my 1-on-1 coaching packages. I also bought things like social media posts and blog posts. I thought I needed to have the “whole funnel” right from the start. 

Now that I had spent all this money (the two certifications and the DFY programs) money was getting tight and I still hadn’t found clients. I didn’t understand it back then. What was I doing wrong?

Knowing who you want to work with and how you want your business to look like makes all the difference.

Doing what I love

I always liked tech, so testing out various tools and setups was the part I was most looking forward too. This actually led to my shift in business and to what I’m doing these days to support other Health Coaches. 

In one of the DFY program groups I was in, I noticed how fellow coaches were struggling with the tech pieces and I started to offer my help. I soon realized that I was actually more passionate about the back-end setup of a health coaching business than I was about the actual health coaching.

In January of 2017 I made the switch and I haven’t looked back. I was hired as the official tech person for the DFY program group, so I could help out with all sorts of the tech issues that may arise. 

What I’ve learned

With those pieces defined, you can start building out a brand and voice that is uniquely you and not just a copy of random DFY content. You can still use the DFY content as a starting point, but adjust them so they fit your business (new graphics, consistent branding, etc.)

Another thing, besides the strategy, that turned out to be key is the tech setup (aka your virtual office). Tech can help you to reduce the stress and increase the time you can spend doing what you love (helping clients improve their health).

Or it can do the exact opposite: It can stress you out to the point where you don’t get to spend time with clients and eventually stop trying because “this tech thing is just too hard”.

I don’t want you to give up.

I want you to succeed.

I want to support You

After more than two years of working with Health Coaches, I wanted more. I don’t just want to come in for a random task. I wanted to learn more about your business, support your vision and manage the business back-end so everything fits well together. I want to provide you with the freedom to focus only on the pieces you loved the most.

That is why I’m soon offering:

  • Biz Health Check-Ups (to find out how healthy your business currently is)
  • Strategy Intensives (to come up with a biz care plan for the next 90 days)
  • 90-Day coaching or implementation (based on what you need)
  • Ongoing support services to keep your business healthy

I’m looking forward to learning about your business and how I can support you to run and grow a healthy business.