Empowering Health Coaches to run and grow a Healthy business


Holistic 90 is my 3-month program to help you improve your biz health in the areas most in need of some TLC. All tailored to your unique business and aligned with your vision and goals.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the current state of your biz and then work out a 90-day plan from there. During those 3 months, we’ll do some things together, like regular coaching calls, and others separate, like your homework and mine.

Once the 3 months are up, you’ll not believe how different, more relaxing your business feels. More time for you to work your magic with your clients!

During the Strategy Intensive, we’ll map out a plan for the next 90 days of your business.

You’ll receive my Biz Health Check-Up questionnaire before our first call. It’ll provide me with a solid foundation to work from. Then we’ll meet for a 75-min Zoom call to discuss what is going on in your business right now. We’ll go over where you are currently stuck and what your vision looks like. Plus, I’ll record the call so we can both listen back to it later.

About a week after the call, you’ll receive a PDF via email with an outlined 90-day plan. With that email, you’ll also get a link to schedule a short 30-minute session. In that session, we’ll go over the plan together and I’ll answer any questions you might have. Then, you can choose to either implement the plan yourself or hire someone (like me) to assist you with the implementation.

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Coming soon

The Biz Health Check-up is my in-depth assessment of your current business health.

It’s basically the health history for your business. You’ll receive an extensive questionnaire so I can learn more about your business. I’ll also take a look at your overall online presence (like your website and social media accounts). Once I have all this information, I’ll put together a report for you where I outline health tweaks I see for your business.


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Detox Done Support

I’ve been supporting Julia Sarver’s Detox Done program since the beginning of 2017 as the resident Tech VA in the program group on Facebook and started offering supplemental services outside of the group shortly after.


Workshops Done Support

If you are looking for help with getting all of Lori Kearney’s Workshops Done materials edited and ready for your business, then check out my Workshops Done Services.

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All Things Website

I help Health Coaches with the setup and maintenance of their business website. My preference is to work with WordPress sites running the Divi theme, but I’m happy to discuss your specific needs around your website.