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Detox Done Services

Only for Health Coaches who purchased Julia Sarver’s
Detox Done – 5-Day Detox Program

I’m Jill Bucher

Certified OBM and Holistic Biz Coach for Health Coaches

You most likely came to this page through Julia Sarver’s Detox Done group on Facebook. As a Health Coach myself, I purchased Julia’s Detox program to use it in my own practice. During the course of setting everything up and interacting with other Health Coaches in the group, I realized that I enjoyed helping other Health Coaches set up their detoxes much more than running the actual detox. Since January of 2017 I’m officially providing tech support for the Detox Done community and I started to offer Detox setup services shortly after.


Detox Brainstorming Session - FREE

Not sure how to set up the Detox Done program so it fits your business? Unsure what tools you will need to set everything up properly? Considering to make the program your own by changing graphics or using a different name for it? I’m happy to brainstorm all of this with you.

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Sales Page - Starts at $195

This is a good way for people to learn about what the detox is and what they will get. They can also book the detox right from the sales page. This package includes the connection of a payment method (like a PayPal button). The page will be set up using the sales page template provided with the program.

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Downloads Page - Starts at $195

This will be a (password protected) place to store the detox files for your clients. You can also use the page to add a few important details for easy access. This package can also include the final editing of the Detox documents (adding your logo, changing the footer, creating PDF files). 

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Email Setup - Starts at $95

I will set up a new list in your existing email marketing tool for the Detox and create a sign up form if necessary. I will also set up the email series for enrolled participants and upload and schedule the daily detox emails.

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Brand My Detox

If you already have a logo and some brand colors for your business, this package might be for you. The Brand My Detox package is intended to make the Detox Done materials better fit your brand. The package will include a new detox logo (possibly calling it something other than detox), changing the colors to your brand, creating new cover images and new social media images, editing the design of the documents to fit your business. That way your detox will stand out from the crowd.

Additional Services possible upon request.

The starting prices of the sales and downloads page are based on using a WordPress Website running the current version of the Divi Theme. All other platforms and themes may lead to higher prices.


The price for the Email setup will also depend on the Email Marketing tool used.


Jill has helped me with many different projects, and she’s always quick to respond, and very detail oriented. I know that whatever I give to her will be handled professionally, and she usually helps me find ways to make my products and programs even better than they were before. 

Julia Sarver

Health Coach, Detox Done

Jill helped me develop my Health Coaching website. I had no idea how much work it would be but Jill kept me on track.

She helped me figure out all my tech challenges (so many), was kind and patient so I didn’t feel bad about what I didn’t know.

And bottom line, I love the way it turned out! Jill is a knowledgable and patient companion who I’d recommend to anyone needing technical expertise and some hand holding too! I couldn’t have done it without you Jill!

Lori Harris

Health Coach

Jill was so great to work with! She was very punctual and professional and asked me all the right questions to help me with my project. She knew exactly what I wanted and created a logo that fit my style and brand perfectly.

I will most definitely work with her on future projects.

Jill Guth

Health Coach, Healthy Happy Thrive

I asked Jill for her help and expertise to help me with the sales and downloads pages that I needed as part of the detox program that I was offering in a few weeks.

Jill responded promptly and every step of the process was smooth, orderly, and well thought out. She completed the job on time and offered me suggestions to make the pages even more functional. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Alison Hector

Health Coach, Healthy Woman Happy Woman

Jill is extremely creative and detailed.
It was a pleasure to see my ideas come to fruition. She asks lots of questions to truly understand your needs, vision & ideas.

I highly recommend Jill for your project.

Holly Flaker

Health Coach

Thank you, Jill Bucher! Not only are your tech skills superb, being a coach yourself adds to what you provide. You are professional, intuitive and creative. It’s not just tech, you listened to me with a loving heart and really heard me. You helped me find my words, share my story with the world and move from being stuck in the fear of technology to taking action!

Terrie Knoll

Health Coach