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Have a unique business need that doesn’t fit within my existing services?

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This is an open invitation to health coaches and holistic business owners alike. Imagine having the freedom to submit your project idea and set the terms of our collaboration, including your proposed investment.

It’s a playground for creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. It’s your chance to let your business needs take center stage, and my opportunity to keep exploring new challenges and expanding my horizons. I will review every proposal with an open mind and a keen eye for potential. If your idea sparks joy and aligns with my skills, we’ll embark on a transformative journey together. Let’s redefine what a successful, sustainable, and soulful business looks like.

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Kind Words from Clients

I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

I asked Jill for her help and expertise to help me with the sales and downloads pages that I needed as part of the detox program that I was offering in a few weeks. Jill responded promptly and every step of the process was smooth, orderly, and well thought out. She offered me suggestions to make the pages even more functional.

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Alison Hector

Health Coach